Bloomberg:First Responders and Clergy Not Invited to the 9/11 Memorial

This is unbelievable. While many in the blogosphere are focusing on the exclusion of  religion from the memorial, The Anchoress points out that the heroes of that terrible day were the first responders who came from near and far to help their fellow human beings.  Many of those heroes were clergy. Remember Fr. Michael Judge (picture above)?

And the FDNY is not invited. Really?


And the clergy were not represented only by Catholic priests; there were Rabbis and Protestant ministers; Orthodox priests and Muslim clergy. And nuns, too, and everyday people of great faith, or no faith at all, who understood that something greater than opinions or ideology or theology or social theory or doubt was before them.

But now — understanding all of that — we read that New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not inviting First Responders to observe the tenth anniversary of this day of death and sacrifice, at Ground Zero.

And we read, also that Mayor Bloomberg’s guest list is empty of any clergy, as well.

There will be no prayers at his little shindig. Heaven, forbid.

Apparently, there’s just not enough room for all the First Responders who want to be there, because there are so many important people who must be there! They cannot be denied their photo-op, and their speechifying, and their postures and poses, even though most of them were not even in office on that dreadful day.

No, Michael Bloomberg’s Super Colossal, Low-Salt 9/11 Memorial
and Networking Event is a big-ticket item for the the ones who can be tapped, later, for their money or their influence — the most important sorts of people.

And of course, some of the families of the dead will be allowed in. One does need them for the pictures, after all.

First Responders and Clergyfolk are not very important to the powerful and the enlightened. They only protect us, rescue us, resuscitate us, console us, pray with us, bless us and bury us. And when they die doing it, well, one does feel terrible about it for a whole news cycle or two. And then one takes a private jet somewhere, and tries to forget…

I don’t know why I should be surprised. Priests and First Responders are, like our troops, front-line folk. They’re like heroes in the cowboy flicks — they ride in, shoulder the burden, help put things to rights, and then they recede into the background, while the important people get on with assuming their power and asserting their primacy. Only the very few stick around to say ‘thank you’ and wave them off. Sometimes children ask them to come back, or to stay.

Bloomberg’s priorities are all wrong. He’s thinking like a Baron — or no, he’s not really thinking at all; he’s being pragmatic: mustn’t let the help get get too much recognition, get too full of themselves — they might start getting uppity and making demands on milords purse and time. Mustn’t let the damn clergy murmur their vulgar prayers, or next we’ll have tent-revivalists cluttering up the fairgrounds and making such spectacles of themselves.

The big crowds for New Years Eve, or for the big parades, are alright, he thinks, but this is not for the riff-raff. Let’s just keep the invite list confined to those who know how to dress and how to behave, and which fork to use, and when.

You know…all those consequential (and so very, very smart) people who — ten years into this — have not managed to fill the still-exposed, gaping holes in the downtown ground.

Perhaps that’s because of the increasingly exposed, gaping holes in their own heads and hearts — from which pours out so much that is mediocre, bleak and unhelpful.

Giuliani, for all his faults, wouldn’t be doing this.

And if an 84 year-old pope can manage to function in crowds of a couple-million, it seems to me the mayor of what used to be the greatest city in the world should be able to figure out how to bring in some First Responders, and give a few minutes over to prayer.

But then, the Bishop of Rome is anything but mediocre, bleak or unhelpful. And I understand there is a salt shaker on his table, for those who like it.  Read the entire post here.

Oh and I know that I broke my promise to blog everyday. I just have a lot going on right now. But I will try and get back on track.


About Susan Kehoe

I am the wife of a Catholic deacon living in Des Moines Iowa. My husband Larry was ordained in 2006. We have two children and five grandchildren.. Our daughter and her family live in Ireland, and our son and his family live in Franklin Massachusetts.
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13 Responses to Bloomberg:First Responders and Clergy Not Invited to the 9/11 Memorial

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  2. Karol Martin says:

    This wife of a Baptist deacon from Mississippi agrees with you 100% !!!!! Bless you, Karol


  3. Chris Roney says:

    I think it is unpatriotic,unappreciated, and very disappointing to not have the HEROES of 9/11 and a prayer to GOD


  4. The wife of a Baptist Deacon in Ohio says YOU GO GIRL! Unless all of us are willing to say we serve the One and Only GOD these kinds of things will continue to happen because we are not saying what needs to be said. Keep speaking out.


  5. Susan Kehoe says:

    Karol and Spirit Sisters,
    Thank you. It is wonderful to have the wives of deacon’s from the Baptist tradition visiting.

    Welcome and God bless,


  6. Dave says:

    Americans tend to put their trust in things other than the one true, living God. We believe that politics will raise a good president instead of asking God to raise up the right candidate for president. We believe in bailouts instead of asking God to direct our monetary policy properly. We believe in blowing up everyone under the sun because wars stimulate the economy instead of asking God to give up peace with our enemies so that our economy will recover and again bless America and the world.

    Consider the memorial service in the national cathedral after the attacks. Every religion under the sun was invited to give a prayer or offer sacrifices to their gods; yet, the one Holy God was not showcased. Until American men get on their knees and start praying there will be no change to the course America is on.


    • Judy Birchenough says:

      Amen to that. They are trying to leave God out of everything, and then they wonder what is wrong with this nation.


      • Judy Birchenough says:

        I would rather live like there is a God and die only to find out there isn’t……rather than living like there isn’t a God and then die, only to find out that there IS!


  7. SEMPERFI says:

    If they can’t go, no one should go.


    • Hilda E. Davis says:

      AMEN TO THAT! What Bloomberg is doing is totally wrong. Everyone should avoid attending his big show and schedule their own where everyone is invited, meaning the loved ones of those that were lost on that terrrible day, any and all clergy, and most definitely every responder humanly possible.
      We cannot continue to allow politicians to rule and take such actions. It has to stop now.


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  9. Judy Birchenough says:

    Maybe this is just for the ones who feel to important to associate themselves with God. I THINK WITHOUT THE CLERGY, Bloomberg would be living in a whole different situation right now. The Christians feed the poor, they house them, they are there when the world needs them, and yet they are not welcomed to something so important. Good luck Bloomberg when you have to face the Lord, wouldn’t want to be in your shoes at that time!


  10. rdwray says:

    We are now at a stage where “powers and principalities” are starting to show their hatred for Christ (anti-Christs). Anyone that attended the ceremony or had any part in it behind the scenes has made their position known to God and He will have His day – all news casts included.

    Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


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