Harry Potter is Not Evil.

I have been surprised at how many Catholics think that the Harry Potter books and movies are evil or anti Christian. While they are not Catholic, they certainly do contain Christian themes. When did some Catholics take on the protestant idea that merely having a character that is a witch, wizard or non human monster mean that a book or movie is inherently evil and to be avoided by all faithful Christians?

This is not something that was present in my child hood.

As Mark Shea points out:

It really does astound me how amazingly bad the discernment of conservative Christians has been–repeatedly. From completely misreading this story to blind zeal for one folk hero after another–and the absolute certitude that disagreement about any of this stuff means that the person who disagrees is not merely mistaken but an Enemy of God–the terrible lack of discernment has been breathtaking. But even more breathtaking is the failure to learn from history. Question the next folk hero and exactly the same thing happens. There is no sense that, “Gee, we made a bad call with Maciel, Euteneuer, Corapi, etc. Perhaps we shouldn’t instantly assume bad faith or membership in a conspiracy when somebody disagrees with us again.” Nope. Once again, the person pointing out the problem or doubting the reflexive tribalism is regarded as an enemy. Weird.

Sorry, but I just spent the weekend listening to Barbara Nicolosi Harrington tearing her hair out about the fact that Catholics have forgotten their own aesthetic, cultural and literary traditions and this stuff is fresh in my mind. She’s described audiences of *Catholics* who can’t tell the difference between porn and Michaelangelo’s David (eww! Nudity!). Continue reading…..

About Susan Kehoe

I am the wife of a Catholic deacon living in Des Moines Iowa. My husband Larry was ordained in 2006. We have two children and five grandchildren.. Our daughter and her family live in Ireland, and our son and his family live in Franklin Massachusetts.
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5 Responses to Harry Potter is Not Evil.

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I’m a protestant, and I think the general idea of HP being evil comes from the verse in the bible based on witchcraft being a sin. I guess that is where most christians based that concept on. But the problem is that they do know how to differentiate real witchcraft and fantasy, which is sad, considering they do not even read the books.


  2. Susan says:

    Our family has never read any of the books nor do we plan too. I respect and agree with the opinions of Michael O’Brien http://www.studiobrien.com/writings_on_fantasy/michael-obrien-newhpbook.html , Steve Woods(St, Joseph’s Covenant Keepers, Johnnette Benkovic, Rev. Gabriele Armorth (former chief exorcist of Rome) to name a few.


  3. Angel says:

    Real or fantasy? Think of this for a moment. Did GOD want our kids to learn about any kind of witchcraft (real or not)? When he plainly said this is abomination unto the LORD!! This means every means of witchcraft (real or not). Think of exactly what a christian is up against, not flesh and blood (people) but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Eph 6:11-18 Now the devil himself even parades around as an angel of light (white magic). There is no such thing as white Magic. Magic comes from satan. Don’t be deceived by the deceiver, the father of lies, the devil! It is very important to see and not be blind. Don’t be conformed to this world-it causes spirtual blindness. Give GOD the glory in all things! Be transformed to a new creature in CHRIST! Don’t get caught up in deception. LOVE YOU ALL. JESUS CHRIST is LORD!! PRAISE HIM AND KNOW HIM PERSONALLY, he will guide you into all truth, he will cause the blind to see!


  4. tori lowry says:

    My mother is adamant about Harry Potter being “evil”. Until very recently, I believed this to be true. and then I actually RESEARCHED the story and found that there is a fine line between fantasy and actual magic. Being a real witch is nothing like Harry Potter witches and wizards. You can check it out if you like! Point: I love Harry Potter and will show my mom this article. Thanks for the words of wisdom, Madame! 🙂


  5. Susan Kehoe says:

    Hi Tori,
    I am delighted that you found this post helpful.
    God Bless


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