To Vote or not to Vote, that is the Question.

As someone who identifies as “simply Catholic”, this election year is a real dilemma. On the one hand we have the President who is a cheerleader for abortion, has a disregard for freedom of religion, and has expanded the power of the presidency. The republican ticket is not an intrinsic evil free zone either. Romney’s record on abortion is not encouraging, and he supports torture.

So what is a trying to be a faithful Catholic girl to do? Since Christians are required to participate in the world and work toward the common good, I can’t just pull the covers over my head and sleep in on Election Day.

Mark Shea gets it:

“So I’m still between two stools. I may vote for Romney on the thin proportional argument that Obama’s war on religious liberty is a game changer (since a culture that have moved from mere passive hostility to an active war of legalized destruction of the Church is a much worse culture). But I won’t pretend that the way in which the GOP subverts and undermines Catholic obedience to the Church is not also a dangerous and sinister thing. With enemies, you know where you stand. With pretending friends such as Romney, there is always the danger that conscience will be subverted “for fellowship” (as, for instance. Ryan’s newfound approval for abortion in cases of rape). “

So do I vote none of  the above and write in St. Thomas Moore, or do I hold my nose and vote for the not Obama plastic man?

Talk about rocks and hard places.  Maybe I will just write in Rebecca Hamilton. She is a rare find indeed. She is a faithful Catholic a state, legislator, and, oh my, a Democrat. More like her in both parties please.

About Susan Kehoe

I am the wife of a Catholic deacon living in Des Moines Iowa. My husband Larry was ordained in 2006. We have two children and five grandchildren.. Our daughter and her family live in Ireland, and our son and his family live in Franklin Massachusetts.
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6 Responses to To Vote or not to Vote, that is the Question.

  1. quinersdiner says:

    President Obama has used his office to expand the reach of abortion beyond our shores. Here in the U.S. alone, our country aborts over a million babies a year. Under Romney/Ryan, it can’t get worse, and it could get dramatically better if Romney simply returns to Bush-era abortion policy on funding controlled by the Executive Branch. Also, the inclusion of Congressman Ryan on the ticket beefs up the pro-life bonafides of the ticket. Then there is the issue of religious liberty. Susan, it is a no-brainer on which candidate best represents Catholic principle, in my humble opinion, and it’s not Obama/Biden. Always appreciate your perspective.


  2. Susan Kehoe says:

    Hi Tom,
    Sorry, but I just don’t trust the Romney/Ryan ticket. Romney was for abortion before he kinda came out against it. Now he has Ryan justifying abortion in some situations. They both think that torture is fine and dandy. Then there is Ryan and his admiration for Ayn Rand. Also Romney endorsed mandating contraception coverage in the Massachusetts health care provision. So I stand by Mark Shea’s position. If I decide to vote for the not quite Obama candidate, it will be because he sucks slightly less.

    Thank you for your comments. I enjoy stopping by the diner.
    God Bless,


  3. I have been going over and over this in my head too! I understand completely. I am not a fan of either candidate either but, like you, I always vote and feel I have a responsibility to do so. I guess we still have a few months to pray about it!


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  5. Brandy Port says:

    The GOP has traditionally used the pro-life message as an election talking point. But the fact is, abortion is legal and will be forever. There is no doubt about that. So, as Catholics, we should follow the words of Jesus and help the poor and vulnerable among us. The GOP’s compassion for children and their mothers seem to end at the moment of birth. And let’s not forget the war machine that killed thousands of innocent people. How anyone could seriously consider voting for the GOP is beyond me.


  6. Susan Kehoe says:

    Brandy Port, did you even read my post and Mark’s? I certainly don’t trust the GOP..I just have to decide which party is going to do less harm. Yes I know that abortion is legal. But as a disciple of Jesus Christ I am called to fight evil. Abortion is always and everywhere evil. The dignity of every human life and the right to life is at the foundation of social doctrines of the Church. Yes we are called to serve the poor and marginalized. But Catholics can disagree on HOW we do this. We also have to take into account, in addition to the principle of solidarity, subsidiarity. That is care for the needy among us should begin at the lowest level–not the highest

    As for war, well Obama has continued the unjust war, gave us drones, thinks that it is fine and dandy to assassinate a suspected terrorist even if said person is a US citizen, and justified the targeted killing of a teenager in the war zone. Yet the war protesters who were ubiquitous in the Bush administration have disappeared. Oh and the Us still uses torture which is also always and everywhere evil.

    So while the jury is out on voting for Romney as the sucks less canidate, I can not vote for Obama, Someday I will meet Jesus face to face. My soul is at stake.


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