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Pope Benedict’s Three Step Plan to Become a Saint

Pope Benedict reminds us that we are all called to be holy. We are all called by  Christ to become Saints. Excerpt. “What does it mean to be saints? Who is called to be a saint? Often it is thought … Continue reading

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When Heroes Bite the Dust to Which We Shall Return.

Since becoming a young adult, I have avoided making idols of men and women. Well at least I don’t make heroes or saints out of the earth bound ones no matter how saintly an individual my appear. This is especially … Continue reading

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Convert hearts don’t win arguments

Heather King has a beautiful and profound post, on her Shirt of Flame blog. She has   some strong words for Catholics on both the right and left who engage in heat charged rhetoric. H?T Deacon Greg. Excerpt: To be a … Continue reading

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We are all called to holiness

In order to become saints we have to forgive our enemies, pray for our enemies, love our enemies. Deacon Greg has a homily up for this weekend. Excerpt. How do we begin? Writer Emmett Fox, in his book “Sermon on … Continue reading

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“All Of Life is Advent”

So penned Fr. Alfred Delp in the last Advent of his earthly life, from a Nazi prison.  Over On the Square at First Things, William Doino Jr. has a beautiful meditation on the prison writings of Fr. Delp. Here are … Continue reading

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Make Straight The Path

I ask God, everyday, to increase my heart so that I will be able to love more.  Elizabeth Scalia, aka The Anchoress has a reflection on what real love means. Exerpt: “Obstacles are the things we cling to so much, … Continue reading

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The Third Sunday in Advent. Rejoice!

On Sunday we will be celebrating what is traditionally known as Gaudete Sunday. Guadete is Latin for rejoice. Over at Patheos, Pat Gohn, has a post on the significance of the Third Sunday in Advent, The Pink Candle and Other … Continue reading

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