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Teach Teens about Sin

This is not an easy thing to know. My favorite deacon is the youth minister for our   parish.  He truly loves the kids, but he worries about them.  Young people today have bought into a culture that denies sin. But … Continue reading

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I Got Personality

Of St. Paul and St. Jerome, that is. At a parish staff  (volunteers included) retreat, a consultant was brought in to determine and explain our personality types.  Deacon Larry and I have taken several personality tests over the years. Talk … Continue reading

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Heroic Virtue

I have this posted over my desk : Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle. The quote is sometimes attributed to Plato, but I can’t verify it.  But I think that it is profound.  It reminds … Continue reading

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When Hell Froze

I was lurking over at The Anchoress blog, when I was reminded of the day in February when hell froze.  It was the day that I watched Oprah. Something that I had vowed never to do.  But then I learned … Continue reading

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Training for Mass

An interesting analogy from Deacon Curtis Turner at the Archdiocese of Washington (DC) Blog: Recently, I had invited a friend of mine who had fallen away from the Church to come to Mass. It was probably the first time he … Continue reading

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