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The Big Bad Catholic Church UPDATE

I didn’t write about it at the time, but the Archdiocese of Minneapolis enraged the pro same sex marriage lobby by daring to, gasp, teach their flock about the Church’s stance on the issue. The Archdiocese, using money donated for … Continue reading

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We Were NOT Ordained

Deacon William T. Ditewig, has an excellent post up at his blog Deacons Today: Dalmatics and Beyond that addresses an issue that has bugged me ever since my husband began Deacon formation (H/T Deacon Greg Kandra) : “I can still … Continue reading

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“Media Ordains Female Priests”

Heh. So says Molly over at Get Religion . She has a great take down on a Time Magazine article, by Dawn Reiss, which has a ridiculous and ill informed headline: The Push to Ordain Female Priests Gains Ground I … Continue reading

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Make Disciples of All Nations

The Art of Evangelization For many years I was a just in case Catholic. I went to Mass, on a semi regular basis, just in case there really was a hell. Just in case the Church was true. Then I … Continue reading

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Saint of the Day

A Servant King St. Stephan of Hungry was the first Christian King of Hungry. He was baptized as an adult in 985.  He was crowned King in December of the year 1000.  In todays Office of Readings, he has advice … Continue reading

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You Must Submitt

The great rallying cry of many progressives is the demand for tolerance. We, as a society, should accept all ideas, religions, behaviors, etc, as long as they are not hurtful or against the law. Unless, that is, you do not … Continue reading

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I Feel Therefore I Am

A Catholic Priest even when I  am not. H/T Get Religion. The headline screams “Congregation ordains Catholic female pastor” Notice how the first letter of Catholic is capitalized when the other words are not (except the first word). It gets … Continue reading

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Sounds of Silence

“Be Still and know that I am God”  (Psalm 46:10)   In order to hear God’s voice and to feel His presence, we need to enter into a state of profound silence especially when we pray. Last Sunday I arrived about … Continue reading

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She Is Beautiful

The Catholic Church that is. In an earlier post, The Mystical Body of Christ, I wrote: “Yes the Church is an institution. As an institution it has a visible reality: Vatican City, Cathedrals, the Pope, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, pews full … Continue reading

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The Saints Keep Marching In

Pope Benedict has approved nine beatifications–the step before canonization to sainthood. It is awesome that four are lay people! One of them, Manuel Lorenzo Garrido (Lolo) was a journalist.  He was severely disabled, but he was unstoppable. Here is a … Continue reading

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