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Steven Colbert, Bart Ehrman and the Gospel of John

In light of the previous post, I thought that I would share my husbands favorite Steven Colbert video clip. He takes on the so called scripture scholar Bart Ehrman. Deacon’s favorite line is when Colbert opines on John’s Gospel,  The … Continue reading

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Learned Ignorance

One of the first things a participant in our RCIA class learns is that Deacon         Larry thinks that John’s gospel is the only gospel. He is particularly fond of the opening verses of the first chapter and he … Continue reading

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Pope to Bishops:Take Care of Your Deacons

Have a care also for your deacons, whose ministry of service is associated in a particular way with that of the order of bishops. Be a father and a guide in holiness for them, encouraging them to grow in knowledge … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict in the UK

Please pray for our dear Pope. While he is being greeted by huge crowds, there  is a lot of anti Catholic hostility in the UK.                                                                       The police arrested suspected terrorists, but we don’t know if they were targeting the pope.

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