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Third Eye for the wired guy

File this under the common sense is not very common file. Oh and in the file marked Not ART. H/T Joe Carter at First thoughts. Health Problems Force Professor to Pull Camera From Back of Head By Marc Parry “An … Continue reading

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Mubarak Steps Down!

The Egyptian citizens are celebrating (H/T The Anchoress) Let us pray that they get real democracy and not radical Islam.

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Memorial: Our Lady of Lourdes

It is also World Day of the Sick. Here is a nice video on Lourdes from Rome Reports (H/T Pew Sitter). Deacon Greg has some renditions of “Song of Bernadette.

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Iowa’s hispanic population booms

Iowa’s Hispanic population exploded over the past decade, growing by 83.7 percent as Latinos drawn by meatpacking jobs began diversifying in the workplace. Polk County’s Hispanic population growth outpaced the rest of the state, up by 97.9 percent since 2000, … Continue reading

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Kansas Town Taxes Church Attendance

Well it is actually a driveway tax. I saw this, as I was surfing the news channels, on Fox News. Excerpt: In August, the small town just north of Kansas City passed the so-called “driveway tax,” a controversial charge, in … Continue reading

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