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Women against mothers

I don’t know who Mary Elizabeth Williams is, but her world view is tragic. She  writes: Is motherhood Natalie Portman’s “greatest role”? In her acceptance speech, the “Black Swan” star suggests that pregnancy trumps a career. She’s wrong. Continue reading … Continue reading

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How do we work for the end of abortion?

In some ways, for me, this is an easy question to answer on a personal level. Work to  covert hearts. Love even the most vitriolic pro abortion activist. Do, for example, pray respectfully and softly outside of abortion clinics. Don’t … Continue reading

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Why do so many Americans support same-sex ‘marriage’?

Good question. R. Albert Mohler Jr. has an article in the Baptist Press. It is an excellent analysis of  how acceptance of so-called same sex came to be so wide spread. “Why does same-sex “marriage” make sense to so many … Continue reading

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House GOP Leader Won’t Rule Out Funding Planned Parenthood

Add this to my “Why I don’t belong to a political tribe” file:  “(CNSNews.com) – House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) today would not rule out that the Republican House leadership would permit taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood in the final … Continue reading

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Convert hearts don’t win arguments

Heather King has a beautiful and profound post, on her Shirt of Flame blog. She has   some strong words for Catholics on both the right and left who engage in heat charged rhetoric. H?T Deacon Greg. Excerpt: To be a … Continue reading

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