Be Careful What you Tweet

I am just saying. When we forgo privacy for tweeting, Facebook, or um blogging there may be consequences.

Rod Dreher, over on beliefnet, has this:

After 20 years with CNN, the network fired Octavia Nasr for tweeting that she had “a lot of respect” for a dead Hezbollah leader. Here she explains what she meant by the remark, and regrets what she said in the tweet, but that was too late. She still lost her job. And that is a damn shame.

I say that not because I agree with Octavia Nasr (who, by the way, is a Lebanese Christian, not a Muslim) on the dead terrorist leader. I don’t, not by a long shot. I find her explanation understandable, if unpersuasive. I don’t think, though, that 20 years of presumably good journalism should be thrown out because of an ill-advised 140-character message she tweeted.

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1 Response to Be Careful What you Tweet

  1. justdc says:

    I agree, CNN acted in haste.


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