Islam in the West: The Dangers of Diversity And Tolerance Without Assimilation

I thought that it was a wee bit over the top when voters in Oklahoma voted to ban Islamic law in their state. I thought that the possibility of the US allowing Shariah law was, well, impossible.

On a side note: I am perplexed by political liberals and progressive Christians who accuse the Catholic Church of being anti gay and anti women, but are silent on Islam’s treatment of homosexuals and women.

Oh dear. It seems that worshiping the gods of diversity and tolerance can have unintended consequences.  Now we have this report from our cousins in the United Kingdom. Perhaps voters in Oklahoma were not seeing black helicopters.

“Up to 5,000 pupils attending weekend schools across Britain are being exposed to textbooks claiming that some Jews were transformed into pigs and apes, and that some offences could be punished with stoning. One book for six year-olds warns that those who do not believe in Islam will be condemned to “hellfire” in death.

Another text for 15 year-olds teaches that thieves who break Sharia law should have their hands cut off for a first offence and their feet amputated for a subsequent crime. Teenagers are presented with diagrams showing where the cuts should be made.

Tonight’s Panorama on BBC One will claim that the books were discovered at a network of 40 private schools teaching the Saudi Arabian national curriculum. The programme claims to have uncovered evidence apparently linking the schools to the Saudi embassy. Officials at the embassy deny any link.” Read the entire article from the Telegraph: Muslim pupils learn to cut off hands of thieves.

According to this BBC report on “Saudi school lessons in UK“,  the UK Government has suddenly acquired common sense.

Education Secretary Michael Gove said there was no place for the Saudi teachings with regard to Jews or homosexuals in Britain: “To my mind it doesn’t seem to me that this is the sort of material that should be used in English schools.”

To present it cold as it seems to be here just part of the teaching of Islam, no it’s not wise”

About Susan Kehoe

I am the wife of a Catholic deacon living in Des Moines Iowa. My husband Larry was ordained in 2006. We have two children and five grandchildren.. Our daughter and her family live in Ireland, and our son and his family live in Franklin Massachusetts.
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