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Belgium Bishop Pied

Wow. Such a disrespectful and childish response. The series of misfortunes has now reached new heights — or lows — with the news that he got a pie in the face during an All Saints Day service last Monday in … Continue reading

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God’s Megaphone

Please pass the tissues. ( H/T: The Anchoress) “There are Christians who seem to believe that God only speaks through words. This is a rather puzzling and limiting idea for a creator who gave us five senses plus an imagination … Continue reading

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Social Justice

Back in June, I posted on the division between progressive Catholics and orthodox Catholics on the social justice teaching of the Church. I related an experience that I had while working for a parish. The pastor had asked me to … Continue reading

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Bodily Upgrades

When I talk about the resurrection of our bodies at the end of time, I usually quip, “sure hope that I get a new and improved one”. Msgr. Pope speculates that scripture tells us that we will: “So, rejoice! The … Continue reading

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Eternal Life Without God?

Fr. Barron saw the movie “Hereafter”. He liked it but, he is puzzled that the movie detaches life after death from God. Can’t do that. H/T Aggie Catholics

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