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Eucharistic Miracle in Minnesota?

Deacon Greg has a post up on the possibility: The mystery centers on a consecrated host that the Rev. John Echert of St. Augustine Church said fell to the floor last month during Holy Communion and turned “blood red” after being placed in … Continue reading

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Our Choices Shape Our Eternity

Posting has been infrequent around here lately.  While I do have a lot of projects on the table right now, that isn’t  the whole story. Truth be told if wasting time was an Olympic event, I would be, the not … Continue reading

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Myles Keogh from the Glory of Rome to Little Bighorn

Captain Myles Keogh was from the little village of Leighlin Bridge, Co Carlow Ireland where my favorite deacon is from.  He may or may not be a distant relative.  Captain Keogh fought for the Papal Army and eventually he signed … Continue reading

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St. Irenaeus Heretic Fighter.

Today is the feast day of St. Irenaeus of Lyons the second century Bishop, Father and Doctor of the Church, and tireless defender of the faith.  He was a student of the great St. Polycarp who was a disciple of … Continue reading

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Being Catholic is Not for Wimps

Too often we Catholics forget that it is not just those who come into the Church at Easter who are converts.  Even those of us who came to the baptismal font in our mother’s arms are converts.  At some point … Continue reading

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Bad Liturgical News.

I know, I know. I promised to retire from the liturgical police. But Jimmy Akin discovered something that got my Irish/Italian up. The (US) English translation of the Christmas Proclamation differs significantly from the Latin text. The English translation is … Continue reading

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Saints of the Day: Philip and James, Apostles

Today the Church celebrates two of The Twelve. You can read about them here. The Mass readings for today are here. Video: On Faith AND Works:

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Saint of the Day: Athanasius

From Catholic Culture: St. Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria and a great defender of the orthodox faith, throughout his life opposed the Arian heresy. By denying the Godhead of the Word the Arians turned Christ into a mere man, only higher … Continue reading

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Beatifications and Royal Weddings

Pope John Paul II was beatified on Sunday. In his Sunday homily, Deacon Greg talks about Blessed John Paul II. It is a beautiful tribute. I didn’t pay attention to the wedding of William and Kate. But Frank Weathers posted … Continue reading

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Beer Only Lenten Fast Results

Did you ever wonder how the beer only fast ended for J. Wilson?  Well it seems that it wasn’t as weird as I thought. Eric Marrapodi, CNN Belief Blog Co-Editor has the answer. H/T Mollie of Get Religion. Well he … Continue reading

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