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Catholics must oppose President Obama’s refusal to defend marriage.

Deacon Fournier has an article up on Catholic Online where he discusses the latest  assault on marriage by our President. The President’s decision to no longer defend marriage is a threat to the common good and must be opposed. Excerpt: … Continue reading

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News From the Catholic Church vs Gay Agenda Wars

The United States bishops have some strong words for the President and his refusal to enforce the Defense of Marriage act. USCCB Decries Refusal to Support Defense of Marriage Act Maryland, home of the first American Catholic Bishop, is well … Continue reading

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The Big Bad Catholic Church UPDATE

I didn’t write about it at the time, but the Archdiocese of Minneapolis enraged the pro same sex marriage lobby by daring to, gasp, teach their flock about the Church’s stance on the issue. The Archdiocese, using money donated for … Continue reading

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Raised Catholic but

When you have been lurking around the web for a while, you begin to identify certain opening salvos that are red flags to red meat Catholics: “I was raised Catholic” “I used to be an altar server” “I am an … Continue reading

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Valley Woman Not A Catholic Priest Because Gender Does Matter

This woman is Not a Catholic Priest.                                                                  Sigh. These older woman just don’t get it. There never will be women priests in the Catholic Church. Never. It is just not possible. It is settled doctrine.  The Church simply does not … Continue reading

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Loving The Sinner

Christians should never forget that God is Truth and Love. Therefore as Christians we are called to act in truth and love. These two concepts can not be separated. In the Encyclical Caritas in Veritate, Pope Benedict wrote: Charity in … Continue reading

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Marriage Wars

I have been intending to post on the same sex marriage as it relates to heterosexual Christian marriage in order to respond to a readers comment on this post . But getting ready for RCIA, and a bit of writers … Continue reading

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