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Why Confession?

Because there is great rejoicing in heaven when one sinner repents and turns back to the Lord. But why do I ask? Well a commentator on this post on the National Catholic Register proposed a throw down. “What does the … Continue reading

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He is Gay, he is Catholic, and he is Fine

The Little Catholic Bubble, has a terrific guest post by Steve Gershom (pseudonym) who is a faithful Catholic who happens to be gay and chooses to be celibate. Excerpt: When Leila asked me to write about gay marriage, the first … Continue reading

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Eucharistic Miracle in Minnesota?

Deacon Greg has a post up on the possibility: The mystery centers on a consecrated host that the Rev. John Echert of St. Augustine Church said fell to the floor last month during Holy Communion and turned “blood red” after being placed in … Continue reading

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In the News: Ireland Will not Excempt Confessions From Abuse Reporting

I have not been following the sex abuse scandal in the Irish Church as I just don’t have the  stomach for it.  My favorite deacon, however, has and he gave me a heads up on this rather shocking development. It … Continue reading

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