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Raised Catholic but

When you have been lurking around the web for a while, you begin to identify certain opening salvos that are red flags to red meat Catholics: “I was raised Catholic” “I used to be an altar server” “I am an … Continue reading

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On false gods, druids, and human sacrifice

Did you hear the latest news out of the United Kingdom? Well those long oppressed  Druids have finally been recognized as a “real” religion. Mark Shea provides the snark so I don’t have to: What passes for Druidry today is … Continue reading

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Calling all Prayer Warriors

This poor woman really needs our heart felt compassion and prayers (H/T Erin  Manning): “I’m getting an abortion next Friday and I haven’t told anyone about my decision, mainly because all of my friends are gossipy and close-knit, and word … Continue reading

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