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Only In the Catholic Church

The first place that we lived, over thirteen years ago, when we returned to the US  was Guymon Oklahoma. Guymon is a small town in the panhandle of Oklahoma. Catholics make up less than 5% of the population. My husband … Continue reading

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Faith AND Reason; Science AND Miracle

The Wall Street Journal has this headline in today’s paper: Chile’s Rescue Formula: ‘75% Science, 25% Miracle’ Amen. Catholic that I am, I am very good at asserting “both” instead of either or”. It seems, however, that I missed a … Continue reading

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Love, Marriage, Babies: In That Order Please

Deacon Larry and I are involved in Baptismal Preparation.  And of course Deacon actually Baptizes!  Last  Sunday he Baptized five beautiful babies. But Catholics are not immune to the cultural zeitgeist which does not value marriage or children. Monsignor Pope … Continue reading

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God in the Mine

The fifth miner up was Jimmy Sanchez. Yesterday, he sent up a note reading, “There are actually 34 of us [in the mine], because God has never left us down here.” He is 18 years old. The story of the … Continue reading

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Catholic Church in the UK After the Pope’s Visit

Praise God! It seems that our Holy Fathers visit to the UK last month is beginning to bear fruit (H/T Deacon Greg). The Holy Father’s visit began with media hostility and ended in tens of thousands of people — not … Continue reading

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Why Do we Suffer?

Too often the problem is a deal breaker for people searching for God. Peter Kreeft, one of the few real Catholic professors at Boston University, dissects the problem of  evil (H/T Deacon Greg Kandra): There are four parts to the … Continue reading

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Mark Shea on Catholic Radio in Des Moines

Mark Shea, one of my favorite Catholic Bloggers, is going to be on KWKY tonight   (7-8 PM). I urge you to tune in!

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Calling All Prayer Warriors Update

Earlier this week I posted on a young woman who has scheduled an abortion. Well it is scheduled for today. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of many pro life people including a friend and frequent commenter of this blog, it … Continue reading

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Calling all Pro Lifers in Des Moines UPDATE

Tom Quiner of the blog Quiners diner is asking all pro lifers to join him at the Planed Parenthood abortion clinic on Army Post Road to pray for an end to abortion.Thursday is abortion day at the facility.  Tom will … Continue reading

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Children are Not Widgets

Many Catholics do not understand why the Church considers IVF to be a moral evil. It is because children are gifts and NOT products As I wrote in this post the Church believes: Human beings bear the image and likeness … Continue reading

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