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Creation reflects the Holy Trinity

The Church teaches that we can know something about God from Creation. Pope Benedict has often said that the Mystery of the Holy Trinity is reflected in nature: “The “name” of the Blessed Trinity is, in a certain sense, imprinted … Continue reading

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Iowa Wrestler goes to the mat for his religious convictions

He refused to wrestle a girl.  I really don’t understand parents who would allow their daughter to wrestle a boy.  The false premise that gender doesn’t matter, that is, that male and female are interchangeable has taken hold in our … Continue reading

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Saint of the Day: The Seven Founders of the Order of Servites

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Why Catholics can’t sing

Because, according to this post on the Catholic Phoenix, there are four Catholic musical diseases. Personally I think that there are far more. That is why I try to make it to the 7:30 mass; there is less music and … Continue reading

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The 99 Lost Sheep:20 Somethings and the Catholic Church

The Church is losing young people. Outreach to the twenty something demographic has been, for the most part, a failure. How do we go about evangelizing young adults in a culture which brands Catholics as anti-women, puritanical, homophobic bigots? Well … Continue reading

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Sex abuse scandal in Philadelphia

Apparently Cardinal Rigali read the Grand Jury Report on the sex abuse scandal in Philadelphia, because he is, finally, calling for an investigation. CNN reports: The Catholic Church in Philadelphia will investigate as many as 37 priests identified in a … Continue reading

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Jewish Ritual Bath found in Baltimore may be oldest in US

From the Baltimore Son: “Archaeologists peeling back layers of history beneath the historic Lloyd Street Synagogue in East Baltimore have uncovered what is believed to be the oldest Jewish ritual bath complex in the United States. Hints of the presence … Continue reading

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Filth in the Church promotes a crisis of faith for Catholics

Dark Night of the Soul Most of you have probably heard about the latest sex abuse scandal in Philadelphia. It is sickening and heart wrenching.  There is no excuse for men who are supposed to represent Christ to commit such … Continue reading

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Thanks Facebook:It’s official I am Sean’s mom.

I found this in my in box this weekend: Sean Kehoe listed you as his mother on Facebook. To confirm this family request, follow the link below: Thanks, The Facebook Team Well now. It is nice to know that after … Continue reading

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Abby Johnson Insights on Live Action Videos

Abby Johnson, is a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas. She became a Pro life activist after assisting in an ultra sound assisted abortion. God had been working on her heart for quite some time, but seeing … Continue reading

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