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Of Prudes and Libertines

Over at The Catholic Thing, Anthony Esolen has an interesting post up (H/T NEW ADVENT).  Excerpt: Of the two, which is the worse? Another way to ask the question is, “Which of the two, the prude or the libertine, corrupts … Continue reading

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There is no pit so deep that God’s love is not deeper still

The above headline is taken from Corrie Bloom a survivor of the Nazi death camps (H/T  Catherine of Sienna Institute) The New York Times has a powerful story in the Health section.  (H/T Mark Shea)  Dr. Lineham was institutionalized at … Continue reading

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Fake Woman Priest: Iowa Edition

This was in yesterday’s Des Moines Register:  Kusner says a sense of social justice drove her to become Iowa’s first “womanpriest.” She is a priest in the Roman Catholic tradition, but the church forbids female clergy, so she has been … Continue reading

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Pope John Paul II: The Musical

If you live in or near Des Moines Iowa, you are invited to:      ANNOUNCING: The Album Release Party for The Pope of the People. DIVINE TREASURES BOOKSTORE – 5701 Hickman Rd. in Des Moines Saturday, June 25th from 10 – … Continue reading

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Maureen Dowd On the Rant Again

Ok. I get it. The New York times and Maureen Dowd really, really hate all things Catholic. Well all things that are orthodox Catholic.  The aging baby boomer dissenters they just  adore. She is outraged by the blogging Archbishop of … Continue reading

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A Fisher of Men Catches A Really Big Fish

This is tre cool! H/T New Advent It may not have been the Deadliest Catch, but Bishop Edward Burns, the Pittsburgher at the helm of the Diocese of Juneau, Alaska, certainly had an impressive one. He went fishing with a … Continue reading

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Father Z on Fr. John Corapi

  Fr. Z has some wise and sober words for all of us. I will give him the final word on the matter. Excerpt: Given what I have been seeing and experiencing, I believe the verse many priests pray every … Continue reading

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