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Pope John Paul II: The Musical

If you live in or near Des Moines Iowa, you are invited to:      ANNOUNCING: The Album Release Party for The Pope of the People. DIVINE TREASURES BOOKSTORE – 5701 Hickman Rd. in Des Moines Saturday, June 25th from 10 – … Continue reading

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Maureen Dowd On the Rant Again

Ok. I get it. The New York times and Maureen Dowd really, really hate all things Catholic. Well all things that are orthodox Catholic.  The aging baby boomer dissenters they just  adore. She is outraged by the blogging Archbishop of … Continue reading

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A Fisher of Men Catches A Really Big Fish

This is tre cool! H/T New Advent It may not have been the Deadliest Catch, but Bishop Edward Burns, the Pittsburgher at the helm of the Diocese of Juneau, Alaska, certainly had an impressive one. He went fishing with a … Continue reading

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Father Z on Fr. John Corapi

  Fr. Z has some wise and sober words for all of us. I will give him the final word on the matter. Excerpt: Given what I have been seeing and experiencing, I believe the verse many priests pray every … Continue reading

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Fr. John Corapi Is Now the Black Sheepdog

I was never a fan of Fr. Corapi; he is just not my cuppa. But his video announcement, that he is leaving the Priesthood is just plain sad and disturbing. He has fallen into the trap that awaits Priests who … Continue reading

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God The Holy Spirit is Not a Warm Fuzzy

H/T New Advent

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The First Baptists…

were Jewish. Oy Vey! Taylor Marshshall (H/T New Advent) writes:   Saint Justin Martyr explains in his Dialogue with Trypho that there was a first century Jewish sect known as the “Baptists.” Saint Epiphanius records that they were a strict subset … Continue reading

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Where Have all the Anti War Protestors Gone?

Mark Shea points out that under President Obama the US is now involved in five wars. Yet the anti war protestors have disappeared.  One of the reasons that Obama was elected was due to statements such as this: The President … Continue reading

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The Church of the Ages Will Stand

The Catholic Church, in the present day, is battered by the sexual abuse scandals. The Church and her faithful are accused of being homophobic, puritanical, misogynist, ignorant and unenlightened fools. Many are predicting the fall of the Church.  But we … Continue reading

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The Exorcist Commerical

Marcel, over at Aggie Catholics, wonders if this commercial is witty or offensive: Although it took too long to get to the “punch line”, I thought that the end was very funny. What do you think?

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